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Vince Porter
May 31st, 2022

A New Era of Health Care

This is a dynamic and fluid time in health care. COVID-19 disrupted the status quo and fast-tracked new opportunities to improve the health care system for people and their families.


As the industry evolves, lawmakers and regulators are developing new policies that will shape the health care ecosystem for years to come. Given states’ differing views about the role of government, this can get complicated.


The Regence Health Policy Center at the Grove is well positioned for this new era.

We operate in two of the bluest and two of the reddest states in the country. We know the legislative process is about weighing a variety of perspectives to reach solutions. Policymakers, subject matter experts and thought leaders across the industry must work together to solve and address the emerging challenges facing health care no matter the political landscape.


Building on our diverse network of connections and shared knowledge, we can offer new ideas and industry expertise to inform, debate and advance policy positions that lower costs, improve access and promote a more person-focused health care system. 


This work is built on the legacy of Cambia Grove’s dedicated changemakers who helped push boundaries and raise expectations around health care. We’re honored to continue this work alongside them to meet the health needs of our communities.

Vince Porter

Director, Regence Health Policy Center

[ABOUT THE AUTHOR] Vince joined Regence in 2017 as Director of Oregon Government Affairs. In that role he worked on several key pieces of legislation including the creation of Oregon’s Drug Price Transparency Program and the Sustainable Health Care Cost Containment Program. Previous to his tenure at Regence Vince was the Jobs and Economy Policy Advisor to Governor John Kitzhaber and Governor Kate Brown.